Landowners & Snowmobilers
- A Unique Partnership -

Wisconsin snowmobilers are proud of the statewide trail system that ranks among the best in the nation. This trail system would not be possible without the generosity of the thousands of landowners around the state, which includes hundreds of landowners right here in Fond du Lac County. Snowmobile club members work closely with their landowners in the placement of the trails. This cooperation results in the promotion of safe, responsible snowmobiling ... and that's to everyone's benefit. Under Wisconsin state law, Sections 350.19 and 895.52, landowners are not liable for injury on their property when they have granted permission for snowmobiling.


* Stay off the trails until they are open

* Only travel on marked trails

* Don't cut corners

* Remember, if you leave the marked trail, you are trespassing!

Fond Du Lac County Snowmobile Association