What do Snowmobile Clubs do?

Snowmobile clubs provide us with the trails that we ride on. Without the clubs, there would be no trails. Their members are made up of snowmobilers like you and I, who become the volunteers that:

* Talk to Landowners

* Plan the layout for the trails

* Pound in the stakes & put up the trail signs

* Remember, if you leave the marked trail, you are trespassing!

* Brush the trails

* Build bridges

* Groom the trails

* Install culverts

* Work out trail problems

* Remove the trail signs in the Spring

* Provide landowner appreciation activities

* Meet with government officials to help keep laws and regulations beneficial to the sport of snowmobiling

Snowmobile club members also have FUN! They snowmobile, socialize, take trips, have cookouts, hold fundraisers, teach snowmobile safety courses, and help with community projects. A snowmobile club has something for all ages. When you join your local snowmobile club, you are helping to keep the sport as strong as it is. You are helping to provide the trails, and you are having fun too, by being with people who enjoy and understand the fun and fellowship of snowmobiling

Fond Du Lac County Snowmobile Association