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County Officers
Title Name Contact Information
President Steve Ditter
Vice-President Joe Vitale
Secretary Tom Hinchliffe
Treasurer Clayton Jahns
Parks Supervisor FDL County Paul Klein
AWSC Director Ray Sippel
AWSC Rep Tom Hinchliffe
AWSC Youth Rep Evan Conlon
2 YR Director #1 Pat Conlon  
2 YR Director #2 Tom Beltz  
1 YR Director #3 Tony Sauer  
1 YR Director #4 Tim Mueller  
1 YR Director #5 Jeff Montsma  
Website Admin Tom Hinchliffe


Club Contacts

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Ripon Area (Zone 1) Silver Creek Sno-Odders*
Northeast FDL County (Zone 3) Holyland Snow Flyers*
North FDL/Van Dayne Area (Zone 1) Friendel (West Shore Sno Pistons)
Campbellsport Area (Zone 4) Campbellsport Sno-Cougars
Brandon/Alto/Fairwater Area (Zone 2)
Brandon Sno-Cubs
Dotyville Area (Zone 4)
Dotyville Drifters
Oakfield Area (Zone 5)
Twin Oaks
Dundee Area (Zone 4)
NKM Crooked Trails*
Waupun Area (Zone 2)
Wapun Drift Jumpers*
Eden/South Central FDL County (Zone 4)
Ruff Riders*
North Fairwater Area (Zone 2)
Fairwater Trail Blazers
New Fane Area (Zone 4)
New Fane Kettle Riders
East Fond du Lac (Zone 3/4)
FDL Snow Flyers
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